I am an illustrator who attended the College of Visual Arts and have a background in fine art.


I am always on the lookout for new illustration assignments.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.





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Renoir said when creating paintings he always tried to depict a scene that he would enjoy walking through.


Like Renoir, I create images that I wish I could explore.  I always wonder what's over the next ridge or outside the frame of many of the pictures I've created.  Sometimes this

 curiosity results in another picture and sometimes it does not.  Since there is

other work that needs to be done,

 or other worlds of imagination that

 need to be explored, or deadlines

which need to be met, or whatever,

sometimes there simply is no time to

continue exploring what's over the next

ridge or outside the frame.


But that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

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All works © Kari Detagra 2018

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